Feels So Good To Be Outside


For the last few days… since coming back from beach camping; I’ve been really interested in how we can detox ourselves from all the dirty radiation we get (cell phones, wifi, home circuits, microwaves, etc.).

Maybe it was our overnight stay on Boca Chica beach that has my mind racing about ELF, EMF and EMI?  SpaceX is getting ready to send up rockets in the Boca Chica area to help blanket the world with the new 5G wifi technology.  My husband says 5G will be great for providing High Definition (HD) wifi.  But from what I understand, 5G will push out 10times more dirty radiation than what is already being passed around our communities.

5G Building

So, in researching the best natural ways to keep ourselves safe; I found a website you might want to visit: “Is Grounding Good For You” where the author compares using household tools to change your bio-frequency compared to going outside in nature.

Personally, I’m a big fan of “Natural Grounding” (putting my feet to the earth) while sun gazing.  Here is the article link:

The article explains how our planet has a pulse.  And how our brains interact with all kinds of “industrial” frequencies on a daily basis… beside that of Earth.  The site suggests that when our brains resonate at the same frequency of the Earth, 7.83 hz… we are in a state that promotes creativity and good health.

For a long time I’ve given much attention to my circadian rhythms.  But now I know the exact frequency I should be trying to align with.  And I don’t doubt getting into nature can immediately jump start DNA repair.  Suppository, this healthy frequency of 7.83hz is our personal bond to our planet.

Some other natural things I believe in are:

  1.  Keeping my cell phone as far away from me as possible.  Yes, I pick it up to answer a call… on speakerphone.  And I do quick email reads and web searches.  But I try, as best I can, to keep it across the room when I’m not using it.
  2. I try not to sleep with the wifi router on… or any cell phones powered up after 9p.  As much as possible, I keep wifi capable devices in the bedroom.  Sometimes I try to make sure my smart TV is unplugged as well.
  3. Tether to internet connections as much as possible.  This may mean going back to your Ethernet cable or using the “USB Tethering” instead of “Hot Spot” on your phone.
  4. Never use devices while they are charging.  The fact they get hot is common sense.
  5. And most importantly…when I start feeling sick; GET OUT IN NATURE.  I try to image the fresh air, plants and natural sunny radiation is able to pull any kind of toxin I need… right out of me.


So, I just wanted to drop a little something to make sure we are remembering, “It Feels So Good to Be Outside” 🙂

~Lots of Light and Love~ from your Connect2Nature Evangelist


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