A Rainbow of Foods 2 Eat2Live


A Metaphysical Eating Practice

Jambo! I have a quick Share… to point out another practice 4 eating2live by selecting food choices that re-mind of a rainbow.

First, let me point out… if you’ve ever seen a rainbow. U have evidence rainbows R Real. I try to stay away from all other concepts I’ve been taught to be-live.

Also Note: this posting may seem strange when reading it… in the way that I use numbers and letters. Don’t worry about it. You’ll wake up to the reasoning.

And Also Note:  the foods listed support an organic vegan diet.

Here we go…the practice:

Red colored foods 4 Blood Flow and Pain Management —>
tomatoes, red peppers, apples, beets, pomegranates.


Orange colored foods 4 Emotional Balance and Creativity —>
sweet potatoes, papaya, nuts, peaches, canaloupe, pumpkin, carrots, oranges.


Yellow colored foods 4 Confidence, Initiative, Gut Health —>
bananas, squash, mango, lemon, corn, pineapple.


Green colored foods 4 Empathy and Courage —>
broccoli, spinach, spiralina, lime, avocado, kale.


Light Blue colored foods 4 Gland Health and Fluid Communication —>
spring water.


Indigo colored foods 4 Emotional balance and Intuition —>
blackberries, plums, raisins, forbidden black rice.


Purple colored foods 4 Spiritual Connection —>
egg plant, purple cabbage, purple grapes.


There you go. Another eat2live practice to consider.

SEEK Sweethearts! KEEP your energy. And FIND your vibration and rhythm.
Rhythm and vibration your FIND.  Energy your KEEP.  Sweethearts seek!

Asante, Ashe.


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