The Reeds at the Rio

A Pher Ankh Destination
for a
Unique Camping Experience


The Reeds at the Rio provide an Urban Oasis for relaxation, decompression, re-energization and re-connection to nature, NTR.

The property is interestingly situated on the Tejas side of the Rio Grande with beautiful views of the Mexican border.

Pher Ankh philosophy centers around the ancient African alchemy of organizing  life around balance, Ma’at. Placement of immediate surroundings can engage peaceful space using Pher Ankh. And high vibration environments can bring about mental and physical healing effects.


When you visit the Reeds, you experience an “Out of the Box” approach to life… enjoying quality time sleeping, waking and walking in nature.

You might want to reflect by a campfire to honor the element of fire; or light a candle at our shrine to our patron Goddess Sekhmet; or sit in the creek nook to pray and reflect.


The Reeds at the Rio is Not a silent retreat. By contrast, we encourage 432hz vibrational music and motivational teachings.  The area is full of urban sounds of the occasional cars on the road at street level; Border Patrol;  muffled train passings; and other people enjoying the surroundings on the river.

At the Reeds, bring your idea book, writing journal or art supplies and invoke your creativity. Or simply take a deep dive into the non-fiction book you never have time for.


Early Stages…

Lodging in nature doesn’t have to be painful staying in one of the Pher Ankh decorated 16ft-diameter (200sqft) Lotus Belle glamping tents. Each Lotus Belle is inspired to promote balance with nature while breathing fresh air; and taking in the sounds of the out-of-doors.



There are many arrangement options for unique camping at the Reeds.  Our Lotus Belle tents can comfortably sleep up to six guests. The ground floor platform is presently under construction; but Reserve Your Stay at


The Reeds at the Rio Also Offers:
-Events and Celebration Space;
-Space for Music and Arts Festivals;
-Monthly New Moon Goddess Circles.

See activity links for details on offerings.

In the Reeds, we Never harm animals or the environment. Although there is hunting activity in the area.

The Reeds look forward to meeting you at the Rio.

Asante, Ashe



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